Career Talks series presented to Naselle students


April 27, 2023

Submitted by Clarissa Colson,

WSU 4-H Liaison

As part of our Career Talks series, Naselle Grays River Schools, in collaboration with WSU 4-H Liaison Clarissa Colson, hosted Dr. Jen Zamon on April 11. She is a Research Fishery Biologist based out of Hammond, Ore. Zamon shared her educational journey with 53 students and about the job where she now works at the NOAA Point Adams Research Station.

She described how "no two days are the same" in her life as a field biologist exploring wetlands, estuaries, rivers, and the ocean following the different species of fish and birds. Zamon and her colleagues use a large variety of technology for studying and tracking movements of species such as aerial drones, aquatic ROVs, manned submersibles, hydroacoustics, satellite tags, PIT tags, acoustic tags and radio tags. Students had a chance to get all their questions answered and were eager to hear stories about her expedition to Antarctica.

WSU 4-H and NGRV Schools plan to continue Career Talks, bringing in experts to share their experiences with local students.

This work is funded by Career Connect Washington.


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