Naselle/GRV High School's Salutatorian, Brynn Tarabochia


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Brynn Tarabochia, center, with all her family around, signs up for a Lower Columbia College scholarship playing volleyball and softball.

Brynn Tarabochia, senior and Salutatorian at Naselle GRV's High School is as composed as a much older woman would be. She is clearly thoughtful and intentional in her plans for her future. She is another athlete I have interviewed in the past weeks. Her sport is volleyball, and she pitches softball, so she is receiving a volleyball and softball scholarship at Lower Columbia College. Brynn is focused on becoming a dental hygienist like her mother. She has given her plans for her "next life chapter" a lot of attention. Her boyfriend, Kolten Lindstrom, will be in Albany next year at Linn-Benton, so they won't be very far away from each other. She met him when her family moved here and she entered the eighth grade. She started school in Hawaii, then attended school in San Diego and eventually made it back home to Naselle. Her parents graduated from the same high school she's attending, and they even had many of the teachers that Brynn has now. Her Dad was in the Navy, so as a young student her family moved a lot. Her folks wanted to come back home to Naselle and Brynn says she is sure she will want to come back home, too, after she has had some years away. She and Kolten were Prom King and Queen, as well as Valedictorian and Salutatorian, so there is a good chance they will continue that relationship into their college years at least. Her family lives on Oneida Road on historic family land and she loves it. She enjoys being with her friends, helping people, fishing, riding a quad, and of course, sports.

Brynn has a vision for her life that takes her up into her 60s. She wants to marry, have kids then grandkids, and live back home in Naselle at some point. She'd like to be a good grandma. After living in Hawaii and California, she loves how small Naselle is and how she knows everyone. Brynn commented that she likes Naselle GRV High School and wishes there had been more opportunities for other classes but realizes a small school can only do so much.

Principal Laine had the following comments about her: "Brynn is without a doubt one of the highest achieving and most talented three-sport student athletes I have ever worked with. Brynn is a soft-spoken person who leads by example. She has a very quiet resolve about her. She treats our staff and students with kindness and respect. Like so many of our students, she has shown tremendous heart and resilience during the past few years--particularly during the pandemic. She also had to navigate a transition back to Naselle during middle school. Brynn is a very hard worker, and I am so excited to see how she does at LCC and in the future. We are going to miss her quiet leadership. I also have fond memories of Brynn's parents who were part of my second graduating class at Naselle. Her mom, Brandi Hill Tarabochia, graduated as a Gates Millennium Scholarship recipient, and her dad, Jeff Tarabochia, proudly served our country in the United States Navy."


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