Port 1 plans more improvements at County Line


Wahkiakum County Port 1 Board of Commissioners met Thursday to talk about a grant application to continue work at County Line Park, updating the comprehensive plan, and other improvements to their property.

Port 1 Manager Todd Souvenir said he would like to finish the pathway project the port started at County Line Park, and asked for the commissioners approval to apply for another grant from the MRC for approximately $9,000, though he expected the project might cost a little more.

On Tuesday, Souvenir had received an estimate, and the project was expected to cost nearly $15,000. He is applying for a $10,000 grant from the MRC, and will approach Wahkiakum County Commissioners to see if they are willing to split the difference with the port.

Souvenir suggested that the port go over their comprehensive plan which was last updated in 2016.

“We probably should start reviewing it yearly,” Souvenir said.

Souvenir said that a couple people had approached him about having the port link a camera to their website to allow customers to check the weather, and see what else is going on at the marina.

He suggested one or two cameras for the website but also said there was a need for additional cameras for security purposes.

“I think it would be good,” Commissioner Brett Deaton said.

After a huge effort to find a leak at one of the port cabins, Souvenir said they decided to replumb all five cabins and install shutoff valves in all of them.

“It was a pretty substantial leak,” he said. “It made more sense. They are all up and running. Everything went smooth, but it was a large and unexpected project.”

The Department of Ecology has completed their yearly inspection, with only one suggestion to paint the fuel tank sometime in the next year. Souvenir has gotten a couple bids, but thinks the port might be able to do the project on their own.


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