Appreciation offered for Rick Nelson


To The Eagle:

My husband and I have been across-the-street neighbors of Mary Ann and Rick for almost 17 years. Through that time we have accumulated many charming memories with the Nelsons. Our paths crossed regularly as happens in small towns like ours. Rick and Mary Ann are widely known for their consistent goodwill and natural fellow-feeling, through the ups and downs that invariably come. The whole family is graced with good hearts, living their fine family values through their public and private lives.

This letter is prompted by a memory that is a perfect snapshot of Rick’s neighborliness. We have a long-needled pine tree in our front yard which is one of a set of trees planted in this immediate area by the original family who developed this little neighborhood, the Seabergs. Ours is the last one remaining, and it has become huge, with giant sweeping limbs that rise like a candelabra to form the crown. One of the lowest limbs of this tree had finally taken up so much water that it could no longer hold itself up, and it gently lowered itself down to the ground; all the way across the front yard!

We started calling around looking for someone who could help rescue us from this limb that was the size of a full tree itself. But before that effort panned out, Rick was at my door with a worker he had hired at his house to do some pruning. He had seen the limb laying down and figured out how to help before we even asked him! “We got done across the street and there’s still 15 minutes left in his hour,” said Rick. So the limb was removed, just as tidy as you please. Rick didn’t even let me pay him back, being the extremely kind gentleman that he is.

We have been blessed from having Rick watching over our little town and serving the county so ably for all these years. Let’s all remember his example as we carry his legacy forward in The Egle, and in our neighborhoods. Our gratitude follows you, Rick, wherever your spirit goes to rest.

With love and respect,

Christine Payne-Towler

Puget Island


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