Looking in the mirror


To The Eagle:

The “gay boy” we laughed at and punched when we were in high school; he committed suicide. The girl we called a slut because she wouldn’t go out with us; she was a virgin. The skinny boy we called lame, because he fixed his glasses with tape; he worked two jobs to support his family.

The girl in math class we pushed because she wouldn’t get out of our way; she was also physical abused by her parents. The girl we called fat; she’s starving herself trying to lose weight. And the old man at the newspaper stand we called a freak because of the scars on his face; he survived eight months of torture in Vietnam.

Today we complain when businesses accommodate same sex couples and when gay men and women marry the person they love. Today we complain about affirmative action; and call it woke when schools and colleges teach America’s legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, and voter suppression.

Today we demand the deportation of immigrants trying to escape rape, murder and starvation, and cheer a presidential candidate after he mocked a disabled reporter and a woman he sexually assaulted.

Today we ask to be paid in cash to avoid paying taxes, and complain about the welfare queens that have babies to get food stamps.

And on Sunday, we will go to church, and profess to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Frederick Lehr

Grays River


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