No we didn't!


To The Eagle:

A previous letter was so full of contempt for the vast majority of people here in America I had to reply. In the letter the writer refers often to "We" laughed at gay kids, "we" verbally abused skinny kids, "we" made fun of girls that were overweight and so on. He adds "We" hate this and that today. I want to know who the heck the "We" is he is accusing?

Allow me to set the record straight, first of all “We” sounds like you think we all did those unkind things to others, We did not, only a very small number of stupid people, bullies and heartless creeps did those things.

You, sir, should not paint with such a wide brush. Something else you should keep in mind if I or anyone else doesn't like what is going at the southern border or what our children are being indoctrinated with in school these days that is our belief and just like your beliefs we are entitled to them so they should not be questioned by you or anyone else for that matter.

Now as far as a true transgendered person goes, those that have gone through so much, such as the anguish of not being comfortable in their own body, those that often lose some family and friends, those that go through physical and mental therapy to live their lives as they see fit, I for one will always do my best to be understanding and not judgmental. However the morons that want to identify as a Queen for a day just to get into the girls restrooms or locker rooms can go straight to hell where those perverts belong.

God Bless America.

Paul Schreiber



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