Spring KM Robotics Cup results announced


Greg Nelson

"Seti", the team's robot match starter shouting out the countdown and dropping its arms at the start, built and programmed by Roman Cousineau and Jesse Deweber.

The KM Robotics Cup is held twice per year, once in mid-winter and once in the late spring, to showcase middle school and upper elementary robotics students and their robots, and to prepare them for future high school level competitions. This year, the KM Cup involved robots in pairs (called "alliances") competing with other alliances to see how many balls and cups could be collected, and an "endgame" tussle to see who would be king of the mountain. The lone entry from the Columbia River Robotics Club (Sage) placed fourth. Entries from Naselle placed third (Reilly and Bo) and second (Klara and Cameron), and the lone entry from Wahkiakum placed first (Steve and Colin). It was very evident as they went undefeated through the matches that the champion team had practiced enough to develop a clear strategy for their matches, with the ability to modify their tactics in-game based on their competiton's actions. This served as a reminder to all teams: get your robots done early, and then refine and practice, and practice more.

A major highlight of this competition was "Seti" built after school by Roman and Jesse. Seti was built from various parts and pieces, metal "bones" with cardboard "skin", and announced the start of the matches (jaw motion and sound) and dropped both its arms to signify the start. What wonderful surprises will next be showcased? Check with both districts for upcoming robotics action, possibly as early as October.


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