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Nothing new under the sun

To The Eagle:

It seems like every time I write a letter to the editor, the following week comes the barrage of letters from the liberal local pack of witless writers. One writer seems to think Republicans are to blame for what the welfare state has done to the black community, obviously forgetting it was Democrats with the handouts to buy votes and keep many good people from the pursuit of the American dream.

Another is so blinded by his closed mind that he goes on about the justice system, ignoring the fact that our laws are being corrupted with two standards of justice, “example” try not paying your taxes for two years, processing drugs and carrying a firearm. I bet you don’t get treated the way Hunter Biden was.

The third letter was written by the local liberal town crier with much of the same misinformation, anti-religious rants as usual. That is what little I could understand, so someone fluent in gibberish would need to help decipher the rest of his thoughts. There was one thing in his letter about overhearing some of our forefathers thoughts on we the people. Next time you’re in earshot see if you can hear their thoughts on partial birth abortion, open borders, gun control and any of the other things Liberals tend to hold dear.

God Bless America.

Paul Schreiber



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