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Why did he take them?

To The Eagle:

The crimes listed in the June 8, 2023 Department of Justice (DOJ’) 37-count indictment against former president Donald Trump, involving his taking of classified documents, did not require a motive to charge; So the question “Why did he take them?” has not been asked.

But considering Trump’s modus operandi of deception, fraud, and his willingness to break the law for personal gain, the answer to the question “Why did he take them?” becomes clearer.

I believe Trump intended to use the stolen classified information to obtain favor with a foreign government, and/or to monetize it (sell it)! And what is even worse, Trump and his family may have already done so!

We know that Trump’s hotels and resorts received financial gain from Saudi Arabia in a back door scheme to bypass the emoluments clause. That Trump’s son-in-law received two-billion dollars from the Saudi Arabia Wealth Fund. That Ivanka (Trump) Kushner, lobbied for and received a special licensing agreement for her Ivanka brand products, from the government of China, while serving as special assistant to the President. And now we’re learning that Trump may have conspired to sell presidential pardons. Those and numerous other examples suggest Trump and his family had no hesitation in leveraging the presidency for personal gain.

There is also the October 7, 2021 New York Times article where the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) acknowledged that dozens of its informants have been arrested, captured and executed in recent years (2018 - 2020); begging the question: Were those agents’ cover exposed as a result of leaked classified information by the Trump administration? The short answer is, we don’t know. But there is a correlation between Trump’s time as President and immediately there after, and when our agents started to be exposed. And there were three incidence where foreign nationals broke into Mar-a-Largo during the time Trump kept classified documents.

Over the next several months DOJ is expected to release additional evidence involving the classified documents case against Trump. If my hunch is correct, and that evidence shows Trump gave classified information to a second country, then the 45th president is indeed a traitor.

Frederick Lehr

Grays River


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