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To The Eagle:

If you haven't already figured out, electing a president goes far beyond his time in office. The Supreme Court of the United States got three who lied to get elected, after Mitch (the Turtle), through corrupt methods, got three far-right lifetime memberships in SCOTUS. Having six Catholics, now, in my opinion, ruling on their faith, not the Constitution, after proclaiming presidence, in order to be elected. Term limits and ethics should be implemented, not self-done!

SCOTUS now has the lowest numbers of trust in history; way to go for those who couldn't vote for Hillary. Perhaps she lost when Comey said that she was under investigation. Now we have a one-term, twice impeached, twice indicted, under many other investigations, front runner of the Republican party. My goodness, this country is not what it used to be. Far right extremes are the loudest, while ‘real' Republicans are scared to speak their minds, in fear of the trumpet's blowback.

There was a time I was ready to vote for McCain until he picked Palin, so I’m not averse to picking a Republican. That said, the direction to the darkest far right, will at this point, eliminate a single Republican vote from me, local, state, or fed. I really need to hear decent voices from the right.

Much in my opinion, good progress has been implemented, much with bipartisan voting, which will in the future years keep improving our country. Funny, how Republicans who voted against some of these programs, now happily cheer the implementation in their districts and states. If you don’t feel we are doing better, you are not looking at where the whole world is, to which we are forever tied.

Poul Toftemark



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