They all need to be impeached


To The Eagle:

In 2016 our national debt was around $19 trillion. Now it is over $31 trillion and still rising. The varmints in DC just keep on ‘charging’ with money we don’t have. They don’t care how much they ‘charge’ because they know they don’t have to pay it. Their salary comes out of our pockets with their ‘Visa.’ They got it made.

How much have they ‘charged’ us on Trump’s false witch hunt, Ukraine, their travels and reimbursements? How much have we spent on the Biden regime’s criminal activities? None? It’s just all on Trump? If the MSM news has not reported any criminal activities of the Biden regime and there are plenty, not just the family, but the regime as a whole in the WH, then it’s not rocket science to see that this is fake news for political election interference. Who controls the mainstream media news?

I am tired of paying high price on gas, food and essentials. They are depriving us of our liberty, justice and happiness.

Should we comply with these varmints who are acting more weaponized and who expect the American taxpayers to pay for their fake political witch hunts, child indoctrination, gender mutilation and abortion, add more laws, rules, permits and fees? Who wants to be members of such parties? Is this the burden you want to leave our children and future children with?

In my opinion, these varmints have no morals and values; they certainly don’t show respect for the American taxpayers. I don’t want to wait for 2024 elections. They all need to be impeached, Garland included, and replace them with those who stand for freedom, the sooner the better.

Toni Below



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