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Commissioners talk retirement and new hires

Commissioners were in session Tuesday as usual. Due to the Retirement of Kelly Patterson the county is planning to hire a new community outreach specialist. Julie Johnston presented to the board that the position has become increasingly difficult for one person to manage and asked the commissioners to approve a second full time position to assist with the work. The outreach specialist administers the PUD discount program, rental assistance program and works with the Area Agency on Aging and disabilities as well as coordinating with the area food banks. The commissioners approved the salary of the new hire during training. However, they did not approve the hiring of a second employee to assist the new specialist. Commissioners wanted to see more evidence of the funding before approving a new hire.

A 3-year contract was approved with More Power Technology group worth $16,614.50 per month, a 30 percent increase over the contract signed five years ago. More Power Technology provides managed IT services, cloud based services and internet services to the county.

A memorandum of understanding was agreed to with the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees regarding pay increases. The new policy would allow a county employee to be eligible to get new benefits after being employed for a year instead of two years. Commissioner Cothren explained that this would help with employee retention, a problem that the county faces in law enforcement and health care already.

Finally the commissioners approved the replacement of the surveillance camera at the ferry which is malfunctioning for $3967.71 as well as the repair of a county dump truck by a Skamokawa company, Patriot mobile repair for $12,490.


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