Maybe things aren't so bad after all


August 10, 2023

To The Eagle:

I am so happy that Jacob and Brandon will continue where Rick Nelson left off. I have tried to promote small newspapers, as critical to our small communities. When I waved goodbye to Rick, I considered not only the loss of him, but all the information we might have lost as well. So thank you!

We have so much to be thankful for, living in a small community. We share vegetables with friends and neighbors; we enjoy that every summer. The garden is going well and looks like we will be giving away grapes by the bucketful. I just opened a gallon of juice we made four years ago--still good.

Now if we can just get over the pessimism of the country being in such bad shape (we need only look at the rest of the world trying to get traction). Recession fears seem to have diminished; perhaps Bidenomics isn’t so bad after all. So get out and enjoy summer. Record numbers are doing so!

Poul Toftemark



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