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It's Monday morning after a Sunday with 104 degrees as reported by Naselle folks. My back porch thermometer, in the shade, said we hit 100 in Grays River. During that heat on Sunday, around 3 p.m., there was a fire at the bottom of KM pass in Grays River. The property owner was working on putting more cedar posts in his corral. When his hammer hit metal, a spark immediately started the fire. Three Grays River Fire District trucks with firefighters came to help put out the fire, along with nearby neighbors who all worked for approximately three hours to get it completely out. The owner lost a pile of new cedar posts valued at three thousand dollars. This fire reminds us how quickly a fire can get started, not only in these temperatures, but with this strong east wind, so be careful out there and remember that even glass in grass can start a fire with the sun heating the grass through glass. Also, please remember that children's feet can burn if in sand or on asphalt, and pets, too. Provide plenty of water for birds, animals, children and yourselves. As I close this story, I must take a moment to thank our local firefighters all over Wahkiakum County. These volunteers are the best example of neighbors who care about others. Our lives, our property, our kids and pets, are all protected by these folks. There aren't enough ways to say, "Thank you so much," but believe me, we mean it with love and appreciation for each one of you.

On another note regarding excessive heat, one of the concerns I have this summer is the onslaught of wild morning glories. These are not "pretty plants," so tear them out relentlessly. They overtake blackberries and are very difficult to remove. I suspect the early heat brought them on, along with the thistles blooming so nicely, but both are invasive as they make an impact everywhere. Thistles are one of the plants I immediately remove from my yard by digging them up right away. Their tiny seeds fly in the wind and land everywhere. As we begin to understand how a long-term drought can bring changes we aren't used to, it's time to think through which plants and flowers are most important to you. I've been generously watering the plants that mean the most to me, like my roses, hydrangeas, hostas and azaleas. A big drink of water in the mornings can mean the plant's "feet" will have something to hold the stalks up. Without water, most plants have a hard time just standing up.

The Covered Bridge 4-H dinner tickets were gone in only three days. This is such a popular fall event that it is clear folks want to come from all over the region. It would be nice to have two dinners, maybe spring and fall, or put extra tables in the park outside, but then again, how much energy do the 4-H volunteers have? Congratulations to all who lead this annual event.

Naselle's Holly Engelson has announced that she is starting her own business offering house cleaning services. This is good news as Holly can be trusted to be a hard worker, honest and dependable. Her schedule is filling up quickly, so call her at (360) 484-3948 if you would like to use her services.

The Grays River Grange's Farmers Market is doing very well with lots of folks coming through to check it out. Vegetables, fruits and more are available on the second Saturday of the month. The next market will be on September 9 at the Grange in Grays River.

Don't forget the Appelo Archives' Loggers Reunion on Saturday, August 19 at 2. There will be a barbecue, beer and more. New additions to the logging collection will be available, too, as well as the museum's full collection of logging tools and photos. Valley 8 will be honored.

My understanding is that Seniors can "go to the Fair" for free on Thursday. Can you tell me which movie had the great song, "Let's go to the Fair?" Was it Finnegan's Rainbow?

I found a web site that sounds great: Better Goodbyes Home Euthanasia and Hospice Care for Pets in SW Washington. This organization has veterinarians that will come to your home to provide services as needed for pets at the end of their lives. Just google the name if you're interested. It sounds like a caring and wonderful service for pet lovers.

Photo of the Week: Fire at bottom of KM in Grays River last Sunday afternoon. Photo from Tony Zhao's drone via Facebook. Tony has been using his drone to follow coyotes at night when they are on his property, so he knows how close they are to his cattle. He can also watch the deer that have coyotes close by. His drone can shine big colored lights onto the animals and property at night.

Calendar of Events:

Tuesdays: Naselle Lutheran Church sponsors morning quilters and knitters in afternoons.

Third Tuesday: Naselle Grays River School Board meets at 6:30 in school library.

Second Wednesday of the month: Grays River Flood Control District meets at the Grays River Fire Hall across from Duffy's Pub at 5:30. Also available by Zoom.

Wednesdays: AA meeting at the Grays River Grange at noon.

First Thursday of the month: Grays River/Rosburg Gardening group meets at Johnson Park at 6.

Thursdays: CAP Senior Lunches are located at Rosburg Hall at noon on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays.

Second Saturday of month: Grays River Grange's Farmers Market at the Grange 10-1.

August 17-19: Wahkiakum County Fair.

August 19: Loggers Reunion with BBQ and beer at Appelo Archives Center starting at 2.

August 25-26: Friends of the Naselle Library: annual book sale from 9 am to 4 pm at the Appelo Archive Center in Naselle.

September 13: At this meeting of the Grays River Flood Control District, the Columbia Land Trust will give a presentation on new land acquisitions and projects.

October 7: 4-H Covered Bridge Dinner at 4:30. Call Carol Ervest at 465-2275 for more info.

Word for the Week: water.


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