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August 24, 2023

On Saturday, volunteers from the Naselle Youth Sports Program and Assembly of God Church cleaned, painted, pulled weeds, removed brush and tore down one building on the baseball field next to Okies. They plan to remove much more brush and continue their work. If anyone is interested in helping, they would welcome more volunteers. The field is used for all sorts of teams, from T-Ball on up to high school baseball. It is connected to the park and together, they provide all levels of recreation for the area. For more information contact any of the folks in the photos taken by Karen Bertroch.

Naselle Grays River Valley School Board's meeting for August was held at the Grays River Fire Hall just off SR4 on Hull Creek Road. The board has agreed to meet three times a year in Grays River to provide convenience for those who like to see the meetings held locally. The meeting was supposed to be available to all via Zoom. However, the Zoom link for the meeting was not set-up, causing anyone who wanted to attend that way to be unsuccessful. I drove over as soon as I realized the Zoom option was not working. With no public comment, the meeting went by quickly with highlights presented by Justin Laine, School Principal. His prediction for enrollment was 300 students, "give or take 5 either way," but he did comment that he has been surprised by the number of new families who have talked to him about enrolling their children.

Mr. Laine also gave an overview of his goal for revising and updating the student handbook. It has not been updated for many years, so this project is important for both students and their parents.

Aris Campbell gave information on the latest community survey. "The District is seeking the public's input for strategic planning in the areas of Teaching & Learning, Atmosphere & Culture, Staff, Administration, Transportation and Facilities. We would really appreciate hearing from everyone, parent or not." The survey can be accessed by looking at the link on the school's web site, or if you prefer, by entering "ngrvsurvey.com" in your browser. I can send you a pdf version if you email me at: kbertroch@wwest.net. It's important to hear every voice as the planning process begins. The eventual plan will be multi-year so now is your chance to contribute your thoughts and ideas. Or contact me at (360) 465-2414 and I will make sure you receive a paper copy. You can return the survey by mail or I will collect it if you'd like to discuss it personally or have me return it to the school. No names are needed. Again, just enter "ngrvsurvey.com" in your browser, then email or contact me if you'd like me to deliver it for you to be assured of privacy. I believe this survey is important for our school's future and I hope you'll participate.


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