Candidate for N/GRV School Board: Aris Campbell


August 31, 2023

Each school board candidate has been given an opportunity to express in their own words what they feel voters would want to know about them. The following is information Aris Campbell provided:

Background in education: I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University. This foundation gives me an insight into human behavior, cognition, and interpersonal relationships. As a school board director, such understanding is crucial and beneficial. It enables me to take a thoughtful approach to decisions affecting the district as well as ensuring the well-being of students, and offering a unique perspective on district development.

Background in Business: Over the past three years, my experience as a business owner, as well as my role as a tax preparer has enhanced my skills in client relations, helping me better understand the diverse needs of our community. Additionally, my background has equipped me with excellent communication skills and a knack for streamlining processes. In my tenure as a school board director over the past year, I’ve been dedicated to our district’s growth and improvement. At my prior job at a technology company in Dallas, Texas, I was focused on creation and expansion of digital tools that allowed for more effective and efficient running of the company. I would like to put these skills to use to create a better way to keep our community informed and educated about anything involving the school district.

Why run for this position? It’s clear the Naselle Grays River Valley School is at the heart of our community and its students are of primary importance to the families in our area. As a parent of two young children, I value the coming experiences they will have in our district, not only through education, but through developing relationships with teachers and fellow students. During my time on the school board, I’ve seen how misinformation can create unnecessary divides in our community. I’m running for re-election to be a beacon of clarity and transparency, ensuring that our community truly understands our district’s operations and intentions. It’s crucial that we not only provide the best education for our students, but also maintain an informed and united community. Furthermore, I believe in a collaborative approach within our board. We achieve the most when we work together, not divisively, putting our students’ best interests at the forefront of every decision.

What do you hope to accomplish? Strengthening collaboration between the board, administration, and the community remains a priority for me because this increases our collective effectiveness. While I value our current communication channels like our website and Facebook, I’d like to explore more robust ways of sharing information. I’d like to discuss the challenges the district has faced due to misinformation and the importance of transparency. This focus would provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the ways we can actively bridge the information gap and keep the community well-informed. It’s vital not just to identify, but also to address and educate on the district’s strengths as well as shortfalls, fostering trust and community involvement. I envision board meetings as constructive, positive spaces where everyone feels respected. I want to help build an environment where board members, the administration and the community, can share ideas and concerns without fear of chastisement or condescension. Above all, I’m committed to creating an environment where all stakeholders can share ideas without anxiety, ensuring open and respectful dialogue.

Areas where I’d like to help make a difference: I would like to help build constructive board meetings by diving into the current environment of our meetings. I want to help all in attendance feel that their ideas for more positive, productive meetings can be heard. My idea of an effective board meeting would include opportunities to talk about the negative experiences some have felt in our board meetings. I want to help change that dynamic thereby ensuring that everyone feels heard, respected and connected.


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