POTUS contenders are too old


August 31, 2023

To The Eagle:

Several things seem apparent to this perspicacious reader of The Eagle. First, without putting too fine a point on it, having just turned 80 it astonishes me that somebody my age would even want or consider running for POTUS. Regardless of qualifications, we're old men! And the other guy, at 77, has no business even considering another run. Being a serial liar, bully, cheat, and sniveling brat should be enough to disqualify him or anybody else with that kind of record from the highest office of our once great republic. Our constitution prohibits the likes of him from even holding the office. Article 14 clearly needs to come into play, regardless of the ongoing criminal trials.

On a local note, the current school board person running for another term is eminently more qualified than the challenger.

Also, thanks to the staff and family of our late owner and publisher of The Eagle for keeping it going. Thanks to all of you.

James Roberts



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