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Puget Island fire hall gets a fresh look

Last Friday morning a group of volunteers from the Puget Island Fire Department (PIFD) and Auxiliary showed up to help Jeremy Hilton, owner of Hilton Painting, give the firehouse a face lift. Before the hardworking crew showed up, the hall sported a light gray exterior with darker gray trim. As the volunteers waited, ahead of Jeremy masking, they heard the approval of car horns as community members drove by. Sam Longtain's lift was a valuable piece of equipment during the job. The hall is now an eye-catching red, with black trim and white doors. The crew returned the next day to finish the job.

What is the difference between a firehouse and a fire hall you may ask? A firefighter has their family at home but they also have their family of firefighters. This job, even though all volunteers, takes dedication, communication, trust, and respect with each member to be ready to go when they hear the tones. "Firefighters are like a second family and therefore it should be called a fire 'house'; a house is what a family lives in", Chief Beutler commented after seeing the teamwork the department members displayed working on this project.

If you are interested in learning more about being a firefighter or being part of the Auxiliary, stop into the firehouse on Thursday nights at 7pm to meet Chief Beutler and the volunteers who show up for drill night.


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