Stop the blame game


September 14, 2023

To The Eagle:

In last week’s Eagle, a writer made Biden-related comments that seem either ill-informed or disingenuous. So, in 350 words or less, here are my thoughts:

By most accomplished economists’ metrics (Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, Neil Cavuto on Fox, etc.), not only is the Biden administration’s economic strategy working well, it’s working too well. That is why the Federal Reserve is still raising the Fed Funds rate. They have to slow down the economy to keep a lid on inflation. If you don’t like Bidenomics and a strong economy, would you rather have lower consumer interest rates, along with the economic down draft that goes with it?

The same writer complains about illegal aliens crossing our border, which is a true problem. However, in 2013, Democrats passed a bipartisan immigration Senate bill. House Republicans refused debate on it. Obama then asked GOP House members for their own bill, which they refused. They then demanded Obama do something to stop the flow of illegals, so he used executive privilege, enacting some reforms. Republicans were then outraged and called him a tyrant…for doing exactly what they asked.

It strikes me as just too convenient for the current GOP-controlled House to still do nothing but blame the Biden Administration for problems they can and should be correcting themselves.

Regarding drug prices, maybe last week’s writer should Google “reduced insulin prices” and “Federal drug price negotiations” before he criticizes further.

Regarding gas prices: gasoline is an international commodity, driven by factors including demand, currencies, local and state taxes, and refining capacity. Through 2023 Biden released more drilling lease permits than his predecessor (Department of Energy statistic).

Is it Biden’s fault we need to source gas from the Los Angeles basin and Cherry Point, WA, refineries?

Is it Biden’s fault that gas at our Chevron is often $.40 more than Longview, and last week $.72 more than Costco in Oregon?

Is it Biden’s fault Washington State now has a new $.49 per gallon tax voters approved?

Let’s all try to be informed and balanced before making future politically biased accusations.

Bill Wainwright



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