Stop the double standard


September 14, 2023

To The Eagle:

Don’t you find it peculiar that, from day one when Trump became President in 2016, every day there was a front page headline from Democrats, liberals, and Republican-turned-RINOs trying to impeach him with false allegations? Even now, when he’s not president, we have front page headlines: Trump indicted with false allegations. They’re after other conservatives as well: Clarence Thomas, Rudy Giuliani, and Peter Navarro to name a few. Yet I don’t see front page headline news of the criminal activities done by Biden and his Democrat, liberal, and RINO regime.

Who controls the mainstream media news?

What angers me is these varmints won’t stop, and for seven years they have used our money trying to oust him for their own personal agenda. That is a crime.

There were two conservative TV news networks: OAN and Newsmax. The rest are Democrats and liberals: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, KPTV and MSNBC. When OAN, my favorite, became the number one news network, whoever controls the mainstream media news did not like it. They had OAN censored. That left Newsmax. It became number one news also; they didn’t like that either, and censored Newsmax. That’s a violation of our First Amendment freedom of speech. Fortunately Americans complained and, after a month or so, Newsmax is back.

I dare you to watch Newsmax. Go back and forth, watch CNN and then Newsmax. Better yet, if you have internet, subscribe to The Epoch Times news website. You can get a free trial for a month to explore it. It’s overwhelming at first but once you start exploring, a whole new world that you never knew opens up and you wondered how come we were never told of this. I dare you to watch and explore. Maybe then you’ll figure out who controls the mainstream media news.

Toni Below



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