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A wild idea

To The Eagle:

Two comments to the letter writer in last week’s paper. First, you should not make personal comments about someone you don’t know personally. Second, just because you may not agree with, or more likely not understand, someone’s point of view in their letters to The Eagle, that doesn’t make it disinformation. That is just my opinion.

The other day I found myself thinking like the very extreme left in Congress (must have been having a bad day) and came up with what I believe to be a wonderful idea, at least one that likely would be to the very left wing of the Democrat party.

Here goes: why don’t we tax at 50% all the Americans that are Homeless, Poor and living on the street, buying what few items they can afford, and use that money to buy nice homes for illegal aliens. That is an idea more in line with the way Americans are being treated by their Government these days in my opinion.

I can’t believe anyone thinks Bidenomics is a good thing, but then again that’s just my Opinion.

I had the pleasure of meeting, conversing, and coming to a meeting of the minds with the new Wahkiakum Eagle Publisher last week. I think our local paper is in good hands. Of course, again, that just my opinion.

God Bless America.

Paul Schreiber



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