Cheap shots are not economic policy


September 28, 2023

To The Eagle:

In last week’s letter titled “A Wild Idea,” a contributor skewered the libs ‘humorously’ by cracking wise at the expense of this nation’s homeless.

That writer suggests, only for our ironic amusement of course, that our increasing population of American families who will endure another winter in tents, on this nation’s sidewalks and back alleys, could profitably be “taxed to build nice homes” for undocumented emigrants, that other vilified population of the desperate, huddled poor.

What other class of afflicted humanity is this fellow going to goad the libs with, next? Tornado and flood survivors? Burn victims? The homeless amputee veterans that Donald Trump dismissed as “losers”? It’s depressing and infuriating to read a MAGA conservative’s cheap shots at liberals’ desperate struggle to untangle the Gordian knot of homelessness in America, land of the free, the filthy rich, and the homeless poor living under freeway bridges throughout this country.

Taxing those who have little, while rejecting those who have even less, sounds much more like mainstream conservative Republican social policy than it does any “wonderful idea of very left wing of the Democrat party” as sarcastically suggested by that author.

Bidenomics didn’t get us here. Republican legislated tax cuts for the uber-rich, as well as their 30 years worth of corporate tax reductions, have. Now, here’s a few other “Wild Ideas.”

Restore today’s corporate tax rate of 21% back to 53%, as it was in 1968. Mandate that tax loopholes on trillion dollar corporate profits and billion dollar dividends earned on carried interest by the legacy wealth class, be permanently eliminated.

Our Federal government must aggressively direct the powerful, heartless forces of corporate Capitalism driving this country, to ensure that everyone’s rights to life, liberty, and happiness include equitable, affordable access to food, shelter and health care, instead of just the obscene enrichment of the few, at the expense of the labors of the many.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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