We are on our own to find the truth


September 28, 2023

To The Eagle:

In regard to last week’s letters “Stop the blame game” and “Place credit (and blame) where due,” in my opinion, the articles they’re getting their information from are disinformation. These articles are written by Democrats and liberals who will not report negative activities against their own party. They’ll come up with justifications in a way that doesn’t make sense. I hate to say this, but Republicans do the same. So really we are on our own to find the truth. Disinformation is not important but what’s important is that our country is in peril.

Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi— to name a few—have been in politics over 40 years. They haven’t done anything to make our country as great as what Trump did in the four years that he was president. I do not need to tell you his accomplishments because we lived it.

Our national debt when Trump was President in 2016 was $19 trillion. By 2020, it rose to $22 trillion. When Biden and his regime took over in 2020, not only did inflation skyrocket, but our national debt is over $33 trillion! What have they spent our money on?

Let’s update some on the past few years: the chaos at our southern border; wildfires on Maui; and the train derailment in Palestine, Ohio, that happened last February. They’re still suffering and get little help from the regime­­. This regime that shut down our $11 billion (plus) wall that would protect our southern border has sent over $100 billion of our money to Ukraine to protect theirs. Does that make sense? In my opinion, this regime behaves more like communists than Americans. For that I will not comply with them.

Bidenomics is misspelled. It is spelled Bi-demon-ics.

Toni Below



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