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The wars of the Bible repeated

To The Eagle:

As we are on the edge of a big Middle East War, we have Republicans bickering over who to lead Congress. We have one Republican senator holding up military promotions and appointments. Minority Republicans are intent on destroying this country. Republicans want to destroy the ‘deep state.’

Do they even know the meaning? A body of influential members of government agencies and military believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy. (In other words, anything they don’t agree with, which includes counting votes, allowing minorities to vote, personal rights, teaching true history, help for the poor and disadvantaged.)

I fear we (USA) may now forget Putin’s attack on democracy, which in my opinion could lead to a bigger war in Europe. Iran is itching to make it bigger in the Middle East, and perhaps China will add to the boiling pot.

I pray this isn’t a fulfillment of Revelations. I read “Late Great Planet Earth” some 30 years ago, brought me back to Jesus, but the things predicted, (not prophesied), in that book are all possible now.

So we need Republicans to realize it is not about their quest to power, but a getting together to lead our country. The world is watching us in total disarray, and wondering who we are.

May God bless the USA, and bring peace to this troubled world.

Poul Toftemark



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