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West End residents are accessible

To The Eagle:

Karen Bertroch is spot on suggesting survey staff go through local groups in trying to reach west end residents.

Her most recent Downriver Dispatches (Oct. 19) reminded me of when I helped serving CAP meals in Rosburg. A speaker came from Longview to share information on senior services. Our people looked around, twitched a bit and didn't look like they were paying much attention until the speaker said how happy she was to get to come to Rosburg, as her great grandparents lived here years ago and she came to visit in the summertime.

Well, then she was in! And the rest of her talk went well.

When the bridge to the island was being rebuilt, a speaker arrived from Hockinson to talk about relocating the water main and other Corps of Army Engineering items. He was NOT well received and his ideas were questioned and considered unrealistic. Even us old Puget Islanders wondered why he didn't ask any locals what they thought and why. A local really put him in his place and I felt sorry for that Finn trying to convince a Norsk. I guess we're just funny that way.

I was glad to see “Allan” in Edgar Allan Poe spelled correctly in the article. His name was the answer in an English test in High School and I get it wrong because I too spelled it with an “e.” Never again!

Kayrene Gilbertsen



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