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A born musician goes back to the source

Family roots, and gut instincts guide pianist Jennifer Goodenberger

Jennifer Goodenberger was begging for piano lessons before her feet reached the floor. Six years old, and born to a music-loving family, Jennifer knew she had to play.

"My parents both loved music, so it was always around," she said.

Her family had a rule: everyone took piano lessons for two years, beginning at age nine, and then, if they wanted, they could switch to a different instrument. Not only did Jennifer come to piano three years earlier than the family tradition dictated, but she stuck with it, and has built a long career as a soloist. She went on to study piano at Marylhurst University and Northwestern University, focusing at first on classical music, but ultimately finding inspiration in the rock music of the 70s and 80s.

"I learned an awful lot as a teenager from Elton John," she said. "I learned how to handle myself at the piano."

In more recent years, Goodenberger, who has released nine solo cds, has focused on her original compositions, especially those geared toward the healing arts. She describes her music these days as more thoughtful and inward. She creates music for massage therapy and yoga. This music is infused with a classical harmonic sensibility while retaining a sense of improvisation.

Naselle audiences know Goodenberger as a collaborator with violinist Kim Angelis. On Sunday, the Finnish American Folk Festival will host Goodenberger in her first solo concert there. The program also features Krist Novoselic and his band, 3rd Secret.

FAFF Presents: Jennifer Goodenberger & Krist Novoselic in concert. Nov. 5, 4 p.m. Naselle Community Center. 14 Parpala Road, Naselle.


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