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Help is out there

To the Eagle:

For millions of people across the country, domestic violence is something they face on a daily basis. National statistics show that roughly 12 million people will experience domestic abuse in a single year – that’s about 20 people per minute. These people need our help and support so they do not feel alone and know that there are resources available to them. So how can you help? Look for the warning signs, and offer help to those who may be experiencing violece in their home. Some signs to look for can include lack of communication with friends or family, isolation, not being “allowed” to do or say certain things because of a partner, seeming withdrawn at social events, and so many more. Abuse is not just physical – it can be emotional, verbal, and financial. Sometimes the signs may seem very subtle, but the person experiencing the abuse may be struggling more than anyone realizes. If you notice any warning signs of an abusive relationship, either in your own relationship or someone you know, there is help available to you. We are here for you. The Charlotte House, a program of the St. James Family Center, is Wahkiakum County’s local resource for domestic violence survivors. We have a 24 hour hotline where you can speak with an advocate if you have questions or concerns. Our number is (360) 795-6400 or toll free at (866) 795-9381. There is also a National Domestic Violence Hotline that anyone can access 24 hours a day at 1-800-799-7233, or text “START” to 88788. Help is available to anyone who is experiencing abuse. You are not alone.

Alison Brown

Shelter Manager of The Charlotte House


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