Keep religion off the school board


November 2, 2023

To The Eagle:

A recent article in the Eagle about Kandice Merz, running for School Board position 4, indicated she has received campaign contributions from the Family Policy Institute of Washington. Curious about what they represent, I went to the website where it explains that the Family Policy Institute is “promoting Christ-centered policy” and that their mission is to “unite, represent, educate and equip Washington legislators, pastors and Citizens to knowledgeably speak out on authentic biblical values, public policy, and bills impacting individuals and families within the public square.” Having always believed in a strong separation between church and state, I’m always concerned about candidates receiving funding from faith-based organizations. During the last few months, I have been encouraging folks to vote for Brian Heston for position 2 on the School Board and am happy to say he has received no contributions from any faith-based organizations. He is as centrist as they come. Besides volunteering with the school’s Robotics team, he has considerable IT experience which would be welcomed by the district. Brian is employed by Cisco – a well-known name in IT. In addition, he has a son enrolled in our local school.

Brian Heston deserves your vote for School District position 2.

Scot Roskelley



Reader Comments(1)

Jennifer writes:

A couple of clarifications been to be made. The Family Policy Institute of Washington did not donate to Kandice's campaign, one of the staff members personally donated. And separation of church and state is not in the constitution and is widely misunderstood. The constitution says that the government will not establish a state religion. It doesn't say that people of faith can't run for office or be guided by religious principles. Our country was founded on Judeo Christian principles.


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