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Every day we are grateful

To The Eagle:

Saturday we celebrate Veterans Day! As a veteran, I have a profound sense of pride, humility, and gratitude. I’ve been where many of you and our fellow service members have been, serving our great country with unwavering dedication, yet facing the many challenges that come with it. I want to focus on the importance of Veterans Day, not only from my perspective as a veteran and VFW member, but also the collective duty we as U.S. citizens share in honoring our veterans and ensuring the true essence of Veterans Day is not forgotten.

Veterans Day isn’t merely about acknowledging our own service or expressing gratitude. It is about understanding, education, and appreciation for all Americans. And I believe it’s our job as veterans to help ensure that the true significance of Veterans Day isn’t lost in the noise of department store sales or everyday life. We must work to remind our nation that Veterans Day isn’t just another holiday on the calendar; it is a profound reminder of not only the commitment and sacrifices of all those who have served, but of the high cost of freedom paid by those who have selflessly laid down their own lives and futures to protect ours.

Every American, no matter where they live or what they do, reaps the benefits of the service and sacrifice of those who believe in something greater than themselves.

And while the debt we owe them can never be repaid, commemorating Veterans Day is a start. It’s a shared responsibility and an effort which ties all Americans—veteran and non-veteran alike— together.

Every day we are grateful for the American veteran. It is thanks to the American veteran that we’re able to gather together and celebrate in a free and safe society. I leave you with a Happy Veterans Day to each and every one of my fellow veterans, and a sincere and heartfelt, THANK YOU.

Bill Tawater


Wahkiakum VFW Post 5297


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