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Make America Great Again?

To The Eagle:

First they condemned brown people, accusing them of being rapists, murders, and drug dealers. Then it was Muslims, suggesting they were closet terrorists that need to be deported. African Americans protesting police violence, were accused of being Antifa. Gays, lesbians and transgender people they called perverts.

They called the press the enemy of the people, and Democrats they called baby killers. In several states they restricted a woman’s reproductive right, and her access to contraceptives, while also banning books that spoke of a version of history that they didn’t want to admit to.

To ensure their own reelection, they frustrated minority voter turn out by enacting overly restrictive voting laws, eliminating voter locations in minority and poor communities, and by drawing congressional boundaries, so as to minimize minority representation in Congress.

They weakened clean air, clean water and public safety regulations; and undermined public health during the pandemic by refusing to wear protective face masks and by lying about the efficacy of the covid vaccine. And in the face of increasing global temperatures, they ignore the science that shows human-made climate change is real.

They bullied and threatened violence against their political opponents, and people that challenged them. They encouraged an insurrection, by repeating the stolen 2020 election lie. And then called the insurrectionists patriots.

They sided with Vladimir Putin and Russia in its aggression against Ukraine, by denying congressional funding for Ukrainian freedom fighters.

They advocate cuts in social security, Medicare, and veterans benefits to reduce a deficit that they created, while they passed tax cuts for billionaires. And after they threatened not to raise the debt ceiling or fund the government, the U.S. credit rating was downgraded, causing all of us to pay higher interests rates.

Finally, their twice impeached, criminally indicted leader has told us, that if elected, he will suspend the constitution!

Folks, MAGA and the GOP have said and done all of these things, and now they tell us that if we vote MAGA in 2024, they’ll Make America Great Again.

Does anyone want to buy a used red MAGA hat?

Frederick Lehr

Grays River


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