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The GSA supports all students

To The Eagle:

I write to you today representing myself, and only myself. I am Garrett Radcliffe, the volunteer Advisor for the GSA at Wahkiakum High School. As I understand it, the GSA has been quite the talk of online forums.

What is the GSA? Well, it’s many things really. Some call it the Gay Straight Alliance, others the Gender Sexuality Alliance. It doesn’t really much matter what it’s called, the goal remains the same: include everyone and respect everyone. The GSA supports any and all students, even those who may disagree, so long as it is respectful.

We meet at lunchtime to discuss various issues surrounding the LGBT community, share resources, and engage in general camaraderie between students. Basically, an area in the study box has been designated as a safe space where students can meet. That’s about it. Last June I was able to take three students on a field trip to the Vancouver Block Party. There were a number of great resources, teen centers, and community services available. Afterward, we stopped at a bookstore and I treated them to pizza before the way home. The GSA has no real agenda other than safety, respect, and inclusion for all.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact myself or the school directly. My email is I’d love to chat.

Posting pictures of flyers to private online forums and communities riddled with their own agendas with student contact information is not the route to take. I understand it’s a public building, but those halls are meant for student communications. Anything official should come from the school directly. There’s no reason any parent should be contacting a student they have no guardianship over without including the school or that student’s parent first.

And in case you’re curious, I’m a straight male happily married to a wonderful, caring woman for the past 8 years.

Garrett Radcliffe

WHS GSA Advisor


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