A dystopian future has become our present


November 16, 2023

To The Eagle:

Margaret Atwood’s novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” of a ‘forced birth’ society in a dystopian future has become our present.

Twenty four states have banned abortion. Those states are also criminalizing the purchase or distribution of home abortion pills. Traveling across their state’s boundaries to obtain abortions elsewhere is being criminalized along with medical providers, friends and organizations who help such “abortion refugees.”

Idaho has adopted an “abortion trafficking” ban, making it a crime for adults to obtain abortion pills for minors or to take a minor out of state to seek an abortion. Alabama state Attorney General Steve Marshall is using anti-conspiracy laws for interstate prosecution of those helping others obtain an abortion out of state.

Thank you, Governor Inslee, for approving enhanced legal protections for Washington state providers, for restricting out-of-state subpoenas used for out-of-state anti-abortion legal actions, for protecting patient data , and for expanding access to abortion care.

Our new Morality Police (MP’s) will soon be patrolling state borders, like former Communist Bloc countries behind their Iron Curtain. Here’s an imaginary encounter:

MP: Sorry about the delay folks, just a rou-

tine border stop. Are you pregnant, ma’am?

Lady: Indeed I am. What of it?

MP: You’ll have to turn around. I can’t let

you cross the state line, you may be leaving

to have an abortion.

Lady: Are you out of your mind? I’m 8

months along. I have non-refundable holiday

reservations, and my family waiting, for

gosh sakes!

MP: Too bad, missy. Keep complaining, and

I’ll confiscate your vehicle.

The couple in the next car in line asks

“What’s the holdup officer?”

MP: Is the missus pregnant?

Lady: That’s none of your business sir. Do

I look pregnant to you?” (Exposing her belly.)

MP: Proceed to the mobile clinic at the rest

area. If your pregnancy test is negative

you’ll be permitted to proceed. If you at

tempt to elude, you will be apprehended and

incarcerated. There’s also your $500 fine for

indecent exposure.

MP: (Radioing a colleague.) Send my relief

sir, I’m due at the airport in an hour for my

shift at Fetal Security.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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