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The big lie works

To The Eagle:

With extreme differences between the two main presidential candidates, Trump and Biden, the poll numbers show how divided opinions are. I can’t help but wonder, do Americans actually look up facts and policies, or simply go by rhetoric from fellow Americans, and mindless memes on the internet? The ‘Big Lie,’ of which I have written many times, has been repeated excessively by Trump. It is a time-tested maneuver that still works; you only have to ask a few people if they believe in our elections and democracy. Now the lies extend to our judicial system, military, First Amendment, and much of what has protected democracy.

The Republican Party quests to regain legitimacy, having seized on main policies that do not resonate with the majority. The dog caught the car with abortion, and doesn’t know what to do with it. Three justices procured by Mitch, through turnabout speak. BS! The three perjured themselves, and ethics scandals in SCOTUS, now have them at their lowest approval ever, at 38% and dropping, refusing to clean up their act, while Republicans are smirking.

The Republicans ‘in charge’ are doing all they possibly can by creating barriers for voting in Democrat areas, redistricting, offering fewer polling places, and suddenly purging voter rolls. State legislatures have passed a near-record number of new restrictive voting laws so far this year, while a pro-democracy movement presses on.

The country’s deficit is a huge problem, the “King of Debt” promised to reduce the national debt — then his tax cuts made it surge. Add in the pandemic, and he oversaw the third-biggest deficit increase of any president. In contrast, to the rich getting richer, Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law. The new emergency pandemic relief law included increased childcare tax credits, extended unemployment payments, small-business support and $1,400 checks to qualifying Americans. The law cost an estimated $1.9 trillion over 10 years. Most of this has ended, while the tax cuts are permanent for the rich, and temporary for low and middle class.

Poul Toftemark



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