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What MAGA means to me

To The Eagle:

There is nothing less factual then a liberal -minded person describing what MAGA is really about.

The Letter last week from Mr. Lehr was a horrible depiction of what MAGA represents and he should not paint with such a wide brush when writing about a very large group of people.

I am, I guess, what liberals refer to as MAGA and may I say damn proud of it.

I as a MAGA supporter I believe we in this great county need and have clean air and clean water. Anyone that doesn't believe that needs to study environmental law before commenting.

I as a MAGA supporter believe a country without secure borders will cease to be a country, I too believe being generous to those in need at home is good but no matter how much you care you can not ignore 34 trillion dollars in debt lest you bankrupt the country and then not be able to help anyone.

I as a MAGA supporter am very concerned that my most cherished right to have my vote count is in jeopardy; please don't tell me mailing ballots to everyone doesn't lend it self to shenanigans such as harvesting and stuffing ballots.

I as a MAGA supporter believe that the Democratic Party is horribly wrong when it wants no limits on abortion even to the moment of birth, maybe Mr. Lehr can answer this question: aren't viable babies as entitled to the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the rest of us?

I as a MAGA supporter don't hate blacks, gays, browns, or anyone, but will defend everyone's right to their own beliefs so long as they do no harm to any person or group.

There is good to some degree in all people if we open our eyes I promise you will see it.

Paul Schreiber



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ricky writes:

I'm glad that you support the environment, but Trump does not. He gutted the EPA. That's not MAGA. . What is this about the Democrats supporting abortion at every stage, but then saying that you do not support abortion? They're two different things. The only part making any sense is that you are not for abortion. But talking about 3rd-trimester abortions is ridiculous. Women don't carry a baby for 9 months and have their body changed, just to get an abortion for a healthy baby.