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An ideal defined in the mind of every American

To The Eagle:

Mr. Schreiber’s “What MAGA Means To Me” and his contention that “There’s nothing less factual then a liberal-minded person describing what MAGA is really about,” is exactly wrong.

An observer outside of MAGA’s other-worldly echo chamber is more likely to objectively understand what it’s “really about”.

Mr. Lehr’s “Make America Great Again?” provided that objectivity. His recitation of the travesties inflicted upon America by the MAGA wing of the Republican Party requires no defense. Mr. Schreiber’s guided tour of the MAGA bubble he occupies is a defense of the indefensible.

MAGA is not a party. It’s a toxic cult within the GOP. What it’s “about” are conspiracy theories, the gross distortion and denial of documented facts, revenge politics, and an unquenchable desire to rule, instead of govern, this nation by lying, cheating and stealing their way into power.

The estimated 4 in 10 Republicans identifying themselves as “MAGA” are in thrall to its egomaniacal founder and dark paragon, Donald Trump, who rants “I alone can fix America, I am your justice, I am your vengeance.” He is the most destructive, seditious figure in America’s history to have turned Americans against Americans since Confederate President Jefferson Davis launched the Civil War.

America is an ideal defined in the minds of every American, and every one else who wants to become one. Our borders define only the geographic limits of this nation. Democrats’ efforts to improve border security have consistently been rejected by Republicans. One thing is a surety. Sealing our borders would only seal our country’s reputation as isolationist MAGA xenophobes.

Mr. Schreiber predictably trotted out MAGA’s disgusting urban legend of imaginary women opting for an abortion in the last hours before giving birth. He casually disregards thousands of actual women who loose their liberty and their lives every year, when they die during childbirth.

Noteworthy “election shenanigans” are MAGA Republican’s insidious national efforts to gerrymander minority voter districts out of existence, and their perennial unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the dangers of voting by mail, a method enjoyed by Washington State voters without scandal, since 1983.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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Gomerroamer writes:

I am glad we have someone as sensible and articulate as Mr. Bouchard living in our midst!

Truth1 writes:

Thank You.

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