Transportation program wins funding

The Regional Mobility Management program will be around for at least four more years


December 7, 2023

The Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Council of Government (CWCOG) has been awarded funding for four years to continue operating a program to improve transportation accessibility in Wahkiakum, Pacific, and other neighboring counties.

The grant funding will support and sustain the operation of the Regional Mobility Management program to improve accessible transportation in the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Planning Area (SWRTPO), as well as the Longview-Kelso, and Rainier, Ore., Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). Program leaders seek to coordinate resources to improve the availability and accessibility of transportation services for people with disabilities, youth, aging adults, rural populations, and individuals of lower income. The program seeks provide the same level of service to all populations.

The program provides tools designed for customers to find transportation information. On CWCOG’s website, visitors can find a link to the CWCOG Trip Assistant a website ( that allows anyone to search for local transportation options from the beginning to the end of their destination. The directory has over 50 different transportation services and providers in Southwest Washington. In addition, there is a Regional Mobility Guide with regional transportation options and information for all participating counties. Learn to Ride instructional videos will also be available soon. These locally produced videos provide information for all ages on how to easily transition to using the regional transit systems. For more information, please visit


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