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A Christmas wish list

To The Eagle:

I want to have all homeless people across the country arrested for "urban camping," round them up, and then "relocate them" to "tent cities" where they can be rehabilitated. I want to build "freedom cities" around the country which will be free of any government regulations. I want to appoint federal judges in the mold of Clarence Thomas. I will have the Department of Justice subpoena local DAs and their staff and remove them from office if I determine that they are failing to do their job to my satisfaction. I will fire staff and disband college accreditation boards since they have become dominated by Marxist maniacs and lunatics. I will have the DOJ investigate and prosecute General Milley for treason. I will have any person convicted of selling drugs given the death penalty. I want the police to shoot shoplifters. I want to require every federal employee to take a new patriotism exam and they will be terminated if they refuse to take it or fail to pass. I will end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours by threatening to withhold US aid to Ukraine if Zelensky doesn't agree to give Russia what it wants. I will pardon convicted January 6 inmates convicted of seditious conspiracy and assaulting police officers, with an apology from the US government. I will end all diversity, equity and inclusion programs in government agencies by executive order, including the military. I will bring back Tom Homan, the architect of the child separation policy at the border, to run ICE. I will terminate the Constitution if I determine that fraud occurred during an election. I will eliminate all early and absentee voting in America. I will "bring back God" (my God) into the public school system. I will reinstitute a travel ban on people from Muslim countries.

I have many more ideas, like eliminating voting altogether. If you think I’m nuts wanting these policies, then you will notice they are all Trump's spoken policies to bring about in 2024 if the unthinkable happens. Don’t scoff it off as bluster, look what he almost pulled off to stay in office.

Poul Toftemark



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