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December 7, 2023

A new home in Seaside built by Apple Roofing of Rosburg. Photo courtesy of Apple Roofing.

Thought for the week: "The smallest stone can make a ripple on the water." As we get closer to Christmas Day, please take time to ponder these words. Your gifts aren't as important as you yourself are in a relationship. The little touches, the kind words of endearment, the look that says, "I'm here with you." These gestures mean so much. They are the best gifts.

Photo of the Week: A stunning house in Seaside built by Apple Roofing of Rosburg/Altoona Pillar Rock. Over the past days, Christopher Horner, owner of Apple Roofing, and his crew members, Cary Wright and Shawn Newhouse, have finished a project I have needed for a long time. They lifted up my back porch posts so its roof is level and stands on concrete instead of wet asphalt. They removed the big steps and replaced them with a smaller set of stairs. Then they built a ramp I have wanted for a couple years. The project has changed both the entrance to the house, and the safety of anyone wanting to come up to the entrance. They installed a railing along the porch that made it into a room Bendog is very happy with.

I like to help local businesses get attention for their great work so I am pleased to mention that Christopher's business is based out of Altoona Pillar Rock Road in Rosburg. He and his crew have built and worked on various homes in the Seaside, Warrenton/Astoria areas, and broader Naselle and Rosburg areas. They also built a large recreation facility for Bob Torppa here in Grays River, who recommended them to me for my ramp project. I am so pleased with their commitment to doing quality work. As Chris said, "The boss is the one who writes the check, not me." When looking over the project, Chris decided to work on the roof because the shingles bubbled up after the porch roof was raised. He also put the gutters back up on the garage because, "they were just bothering me." He also enjoys building saunas so if you wish you had one, give him a call.

The first thing they did when they arrived was move my heavy piano. What a great help.

They never blinked, they just came in and moved it to another room for me. They are always working and moving. Rarely do they stop to talk unless it's about the job. Their cost was very reasonable, and the final product is making a big difference in my life. Chris and his crew have expressed how much they like working locally rather than traveling long miles to get to a job site. Please consider them for any type of project you have in mind. Chris' phone number is 360-942-7199. As he says, "I like making forever friends of my customers, not just satisfied customers."

I apologize to anyone who went to Rosburg Hall for Thanksgiving. I mentioned in my last column that the CAP folks would have a Thanksgiving meal that day, only to find out it was the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Joel Fitts has been encouraging me to mention the CAP lunches available for seniors on Thursdays at Rosburg Hall at noon. Joel reports that around twenty folks show up for their meals and there is always room for more. I think I had better show up this week.

If you're interested in the sports schedules at the Naselle GRV Schools, please contact Marie Green to get the sports schedule she sends out every Monday showing times for practices and games, both at home and away. Her work is impressive because just keeping track of the various middle school sports and teams, as well as the varsity games is amazing. She can be reached at the school: (360) 484-7121.

Calendar of Events:

Mondays/Wednesdays: Balance Class Naselle Community Center 2-3 p.m.

Second Monday: American Legion at Rosburg Hall, meal at 6 p.m. Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesdays: Morning quilters, afternoon knitters at Naselle Lutheran Church.

Third Tuesday: Naselle/GRV School Board 6:30 p.m. December meeting will be at Grays River Fire Hall.

Second Wednesday of the month: Grays River Flood Control District at Fire Hall 5:30 p.m.

First and third Wednesdays in December: Senior Lunch at Rosburg Hall. Next will be on Dec. 20.

Thursdays every week: CAP senior lunches at noon at Rosburg Hall. Joel Fitts recommends it.

Second Thursday: Johnson Park Board meeting at 10 a.m.

December 10: Lasagna Dinner at Fairgrounds from 12-4 p.m., then bingo at 4 p.m. for Fair Foundation.

December 17: Lighted Christmas Parade at 4:30 p.m. along Knappton Road in Naselle.

December 27: Alumni Basketball Game at high school gym. Contact Marie Green at School.

January 17: County conservation meeting. Dan Cothren, chair, at 2 p.m. at Courthouse 3rd floor.

Words for the Week: Throw out your own pebbles this Christmas and watch the ripples.


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PRM writes:

Thank you for your insight and getting the word out about great businesses in our area!


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