Jeanne M. Buckley


December 21, 2023

by Jessie Hiller

On Dec. 5, 2023, Jeanne M.  Buckley passed away peacefully with a musician playing harp at her side. 

Jeanne (Jeanie) was born a connoisseur of procrastination in Seattle on November 1, 1956. Her parents had joked that she was too scared to come out on Halloween. Her curious and inquisitive nature brought her to Alaska in the 1980s where she took jobs as a deckhand, an art dealer, and eventually a bartender. 

Jeanne was a shy introvert, but she made lifelong friends easily. She had a humorous yet eloquent way about herself. Her keen intellect had a way of drawing people in and her goofy laugh kept you there. 

She met Mike (Stanley) in Ketchikan, Alaska, in 1992 and continued to stay at his side until her parting. Mike and Jeanne loved planning camping trips, hikes and shared a love of animals and good-humored friends which they both have a lot of.

In October of 2001 Mike and Jeanne moved from Alaska to Washington to be closer to Mike’s family, who all loved and adored her. Jeanne took jobs as a fin clipper for the hatchery, a hotel maid, and honorary cat mom to several kitties. 

Jeanne’s favorite activities were writing notes on her ever long list of things to procrastinate about, watching Jeopardy, sunsets, and all things Japanese. Being a lexophile, she wouldn’t let anyone win at a good game of scrabble. She was a professional worrier, and she was grateful that she didn’t have to raise me the first 14 years of my life. However, no-one is ever as interested, nor as proud of you, as your mother. She was always wonderful and compassionate.  Never aiming to become rich, nor famous, her life with friends and family was filled with the true wealth of joy, laughter, and companionship. 

My dad and I, sister and brothers, grandkids, friends and family will miss her forever. Bye Mommy, we loved you.

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