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Some good news to end the year

To The Eagle:

Happy New Year!

Closing in on 2024, so I want to end the year with some good news, to hopefully grow more next year. Even though we are right at the poverty level of income, I feel we are rich. We have a comfortable home, a decent car, and more than enough to eat, just had the pleasure of time with our four boys and our daughter. Thankfully got all our bills paid before retiring. Our son qualified for a PELL grant to help with his college. Got a $30 a month reduction on the internet. My wife’s insulin is going way down as are other medications.

A year ago, certain right-wing outlets predicted we would be in a recession now. The real indicator of our economy, GDP, is at 5.20%, two points above the best under our previous president. They also predicted a stock market crash, it is now at record high, 18,000 points higher than the highest point of the last administration. The Fed is holding rates steady as inflation eases, and forecasts three cuts in 2024.

Gas prices, which are regulated mostly by supply and demand by oil companies, are coming down. (The touted “$2.30 gas,” happened during covid when everyone stayed home.) Domestic production is projected to reach an all-time record high of 12.9 million barrels a day by the end of this year, with more land leases approved.

Our democracy was tested, and survived; we pray it will continue. Voter suppression is still happening in some states; rights are won and different rights are erased.

Thank you Jesus for blessing me so greatly.

Poul Toftemark



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