Measles outbreak reported

A family gathering in Clark County is thought to be the cause


January 11, 2024

Wahkiakum County Health & Human Services is responding to a measles outbreak in the area.

Six confirmed cases of measles have been reported between Wahkiakum and Clark counties as of this printing, according to WCHHS.

Six cases is of significant concern to health officials; measles is a highly contagious and potentially serious infectious disease that can lead to severe complications, particularly among infants, pregnant women, and individuals with compromised immune systems. In a press release, WCHHS stated that they were not aware of any additional public exposure related to these cases.

The outbreak is thought have originated at a single family gathering in Clark County.

According to Stacy Wynn, a public nurse with WCHHS who is familiar with the situation, the infected persons are also believed to be past their infectious period.

An investigation is ongoing.

Measles is a largely preventable disease with adequate vaccination, which remains the most effective way to prevent the disease. Treatments are focused on managing symptoms.

“It’s a supportive treatment. We treat symptomatically, to treat for comfort,” said Wynn. “If you become infected, it’s all supportive care. The best thing is to be immunized with the measles vaccine so you don’t get it.”

Vaccination Clinic. WCHHS has an active vaccination clinic on the Elochoman Campus. This clinic will continue to operate by appointment for those who are seeking vaccinations, including the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination. To schedule an appointment please call 888-452-0326.

For more information, please contact:

Wahkiakum County Health & Human Services at 888-452-0326 or follow on Facebook.


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