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Another perspective on hatcheries

To The Eagle:

The title of an article in the Eagle last week “Analysis finds nearly all hatcheries hurt wild salmon populations” is technically accurate but there are OTHER opinions and OTHER analyses. I am not an expert in this field but I have read many studies about this issue so I know there are a wide spectrum of scientifically based opinions about the effects of hatcheries on wild salmon. To read studies with a far different perspective than the ones cited in last weeks article I suggest you visit the “Hatchery and Wild Coexist” website at

The analyses cited by Trout Unlimited et al. in last week’s article do not take into account the value of hatchery fish to commercial fishing families, sport fishermen and consumers of fish. From my experience the viewpoint of these anti-harvest organizations come from urban and upper middle class perspectives that do not understand rural folks who live and work with salmon and steelhead runs. I would like to leave you with one quote that is hopefully a teaser that will encourage readers to visit the “Hatchery and Wild Coexist” website.

“There is extensive science about the effects of hatchery fish on wild fish. However, many of the studies showing negative effects failed to look at the population-level and have focused on hatcheries using outdated practices and non-native broodstock. Recent studies looking at the effect of modern hatchery practices at the population-level have shown a positive impact, or no measurable effect.”

Thank you for keeping an open mind.

Rick La Greide



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