I welcome the changes to Letters


January 11, 2024

To The Eagle:

I'm very glad to see that you will be upgrading the Letters policy, presumably in order to tone down the rhetoric and increase a civil discourse. The abuse of decency and fairness to promote narrow self-interests has been painful to see, particularly the way some folks bullied Rick even while he allowed them to speak.

I have a few additional suggestions:

One, require or suggest that a letter focus on one main issue; no grievance or kudo lists that are impossible to answer.

Two, no inflammatory hyperbole or disrespect allowed (such as calling pro-choice Americans "murderers" or "baby-killers"), or in framing an argument as "us vs. them."

Three, warn that letters will be edited for content and accuracy as it is your right and responsibility to do so.

Finally, give a thought to welcoming guest editorials under guidelines acceptable to you, that would allow for a deeper dive into an issue of import (such as Westend flooding) and get folks to thinking.

Thanks for opening this discussion. No doubt there will be critics of any change, but if the rules are fair and adhered to without prejudice, all can participate.

Steve Puddicombe

Grays River


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