The Eagle should be ashamed


January 11, 2024

To The Eagle:

Those of us who are in fact “predominantly Orthodox Christians” took offense at the publication of that most yellow of journalistic emissions regurgitated by you in The Eagle on Dec. 28, 2023, from your AP overlords. That you would pass this article off as news is revolting.

That the neo-Nazi regime of Mr. Zelenskyy is engaged in the persecution and slaughter of the priesthood of Russian Orthodoxy is a well-established fact. There is no excuse for this, nor for the support of the US taxpayer in his Nazi force’s attempt to deprive those Russian republics, who have not lawfully declared their independence from Ukraine, just as the United States did in 1776, of their freedom of choice. The right of all peoples to self determination includes ethnic Russians. This principle is enshrined in the U.N. charter and was the foundation stone of our own constitution until we let our guard down and allowed the Nazi-fascist tripartite pact to take over our nation (and NATO). Putin is protecting his people, just as we said we were doing in Iraq, but with actual justification. This is legit.

Moreover, the main body of Christian Orthodoxy, including Russian Orthodoxy, is autocephalous and does not recognize Constantinople as its Overlord, contrary to your misinformation.

This is ancillary to the genocide in Gaza, the graveyard of kids. For shame!

Lois J. Dupey

Astoria, OR


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