Thank you for your vote Wahkiakum Co.


January 18, 2024

To The Eagle:

Thank you, Wahkiakum County!

We, the volunteers, officers, support personnel, Chief Randall Hoven, and current sitting fire commissioners – Richard Bigler, chair; James “Bim” McCoy; and Larry Hendrickson – of Fire Protection District 4 would like to extend our very sincere appreciation to all of those Wahkiakum County residents who voted in the recent election that saw our levy increase pass by an impressive margin.

It’s not an easy thing to do, asking people to dig deeper into their pockets. Especially now, what with fuel at $4/gallon, a gallon of milk almost as much, and, it seems, the price of everything going up and up. But Fire District 4 did just that, and you, the voting public here at home, responded in an incredibly positive way.

Rest assured that your dollars will be very wisely spent on much needed gear, equipment, apparatus, and continuing training for the members of Wahkiakum Fire Protection District 4 throughout the coming years, these expenditures done to ensure that you, the residents of the finest county in The Evergreen State, will have access to the best fire protection services anywhere in The Pacific Northwest.

Again, thank you for your vote and for your continued support. We, the personnel of Fire District 4, truly cannot do it without you!

Chief Randall W. Hoven, et al

Fire Protection District 4


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