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February 1, 2024

To The Eagle:

The Grays River Flood Control District (GRFCD, formerly known as the Grays River Habitat Enhancement District) is holding a special election to fill position 2 on their board, currently held by Judith Johnson. I served as the unelected volunteer secretary for about 15 years and understand some of the obstacles and triumphs they can face.

NGOs (non governmental organizations such as Columbia Land Trust) are purchasing land in our county, in the name of habitat and conservation. They regularly get most of the grant monies available for projects in/on the river. They have the staff, the money, the connections, and the knowledge to word their applications to win the grants available, leaving the small flood control districts to do local projects without much funding, volunteers to offer in-kind services, and working through the permitting processes.

The present board has been very successful in the past year and a half and work well as a team. They are in the process of updating district information and reviewing the inner workings of the district according to the RCWs. Judith Johnson is the current chairperson and is challenged by Jonathan Thompson for the six-year term. She is a longtime landowner in the floodplain and has experienced some of the pitfalls of living in a home that she could be in danger of losing by being surrounded with land purchased by an NGO.

I will be casting my votes for Judith Johnson. She is steadfast in her ability to assist land owners with projects that the GRFCD can help with, as well as working with other organizations for the benefit of her constituents and the river.

Ballots must be returned by Feb. 6. Please cast your votes, with mine, for Judith Johnson, the incumbent.

Trudy Fredrickson

Grays River


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