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Sheriffs uphold the constitution, not the governor

To the Eagle:

HB 2027 would require sheriffs, police chiefs, marshals, and reserve officers to maintain officer certification and comply with background investigations before a sheriff can file for candidacy. Now that sounds good, and that is what they are promoting. However, it also would grant the state Criminal Justice Training Commission the authority “to disqualify candidates seeking election as county sheriffs and decertify a sheriff at any time, for any reason.”

If the sheriff is not doing the governor’s bidding, that sheriff will be decertified and replaced by someone who will.

Sheriffs are elected by the people of the community they represent. We count on our sheriff to maintain the law and the peace in our community. This includes protecting us from unconstitutional legislation or executive orders put forth by politicians who, instead of serving the people, wish to control them.

All government executive positions swear to uphold the constitution of the United States. Of late there are many politicians who wish to violate their oath of office and the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land and has been since 1788.

Constitutional sheriffs are those who vow to uphold the rule of law in accordance with our rights according to the constitution. Especially, when they are being violated by government overreach and unconstitutional legislation or executive order or directive.

Scofflaw politicians try to pass unconstitutional legislation like SB5963, an absurd bill requiring every legal firearm owner obtain a “residential dwelling insurance policy” wherever the firearm may be stored to cover loss or damage resulting from the accidental or unintentional discharge of a firearm. Mandating insurance policies will in no way reduce crime or the illicit use of firearms, as criminals and other prohibited persons would never secure coverage. It is simply a backdoor firearm registration tactic to locate, register and eventually confiscate firearms from citizens. Hopefully our sheriff would not enforce such a violation of our rights.

Sheriffs are not the governor’s gestapo. If HB2027 passes, that is essentially what they would become.

Michael Moneyhan

Puget Island


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JohnnyMac writes:

Well said!