Young entrepreneur stakes her culinary claim in the westend

Kat See hopes to expand her freeze dried food business to serve multiple markets


February 22, 2024

Karen Bertroch

Cat See recently opened her new freeze dried food business at Johnson Park

Johnson Park in Rosburg has a new business.

Since acquiring the various permits and licenses needed to run a food business in the county, Kat See has opened My Infinity Foods, a new freeze-dried food business based in the Westend.

For the past ten years, Kat has worked with her husband Erik on their fishing boat in Bristol Bay. She was in search of a business that could occupy her when she isn't fishing.

Having long been fascinated by freeze-dried food, and the process of making it, she has now dived into the fray. And since Johnson Park has a kitchen that meets her needs for commercial production, she decided to start up there.

"I think it's fun!" she said.

See purchased a large commercial freeze dryer to get started, and set it up in the Johnson Park kitchen. To start, she has focused on freeze dried candies, which are displayed in her sales room located near the West End Food Pantry. The door to the room has a sign identifying it as the classroom that Mrs. Linquist used when she taught there when the Rosburg School was in the building.

Kat is an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Her sales room is open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and she can often be found there early in the day on into the evening, which means that she is often available to help curious customers who might be interested in her products and what freeze drying is all about.

Kat wants to work with local food producers as much as possible, such as April and Tom Zimmerman's CSA farm in Grays River which produces high quality organic fruits and vegetables in their CSA program. She wants to be able to offer strawberries, raspberries and tree fruits like apples, too. Her hope is to work with local businesses, such as O'kies, Johnson's One Stop, the Appelo Archives Center and other venues such as farmers markets.Her ideas for possible offerings, and their uses, goes on and on. Some ideas include easy-to-make freeze dried meals for seniors, foods for camping, sustenance for fisherman who may have little time for cooking, lunch meals for those on a special diet, and much more.


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