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March 28, 2024

The Wahkiakum County Eagle News is an independently owned newspaper dedicated to reporting events, stories and interests in our region. Our focus on local happenings is our top priority. If you have something of interest to submit, please send it to the paper. Here is what needs to be included:

What is happening?

Is this a meeting, event or story? Give us some details on the event to build a story around, build an ad or add to the calendar.

Who is involved?

Include names of participants, original authors and photographers. What is the name of the organization or person sponsoring an event? Please include contact information for us to reach you.

When will this occur or when did it happen?

Timeframes help us promote upcoming events and update activities that have already happened.

Where is it?

Is there a location specific to the event, parking information, ticket sales location?

Please use the following email addresses when submitting: 360-795-3391


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