Established as The Skamokawa Eagle in 1891

Publisher's Note

Our learning process at The Eagle continues. Last week, we published a letter to the editor signed by “Eric Arthur Blair.” Many astute readers pointed out that the name was the real name of author George Orwell. We slipped up in publishing this letter: our policy is to print the author’s name and town of residence, and not to print anonymous letters. We will do our best to validate letter writers in the future, and will not publish them if we can’t reach the author and have concerns. Unfortunately, letters submitted over the website frequently do not include sufficient contact information; if you do this; double-check it!

On a happier topic, we appreciate all the support and feedback we’ve gotten as we work to create the future of The Eagle. If you would like to hear more details about our progress, or if you’d like to contribute, either to the paper or to the planning process, please sign up here:


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